Set intentions, not resolutions.

As we move further into 2017, the enthusiasm we had for the resolutions set on the first day of the year may have begun to fade. It’s my opinion that January is the hardest month to resolve to do anything in; the weather is icy cold, the mornings inky black and my bank account is looking bleaker than ever.

Perhaps you resolved to go to the gym three nights a week and have only made it two, perhaps you resolved to do a yoga practise every morning before work however the bed was just too warm to leave, perhaps you resolved to drink green smoothies, cut out carbs, remove refined sugar and detox your diet, but the call of pancakes, syrup and cappuccinos was just too strong (all of these have been me in January at some point).

Make 2017 the year to set an intention, not a resolution. I believe if we start out negatively, we are more likely to beat ourselves up when we fall at the first hurdle and not pick up where we left off. Instead of resolving not to do something, intend to do something. Even using the word “intend” or “intention” is positive:

“I intend to start a home yoga practise”

“I intend to set aside 10 minutes a day to meditate”

“I intend to go to the gym three nights a week”

“I intend to cut down on takeaways and junk food”


We set an intention at the beginning of each yoga practise, this makes yoga an aspect of our lifestyle, rather than something we do just for exercise. If we set our intention on the mat to have more patience with ourselves in the postures, we can translate this to having more patience with ourselves off the mat. An intention is bringing your attention and awareness to a quality or virtue you wish to cultivate for yourself and your practice. You cannot cultivate virtue from negativity.

Take a moment to perhaps look over your resolutions for 2017 and change them into intentions, changes you intend to make for 2017.



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