Sangha Spotlight: Hannah Wallis

I wanted to introduce the Sangha Spotlight posts for my blog as a way to bring all the yogis I either teach or practice with together!

Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning community and often in our yoga classes we meet other people but have very little time to connect with them.

The first Sangha Spotlight of 2017 is one of my best friends – Hannah Wallis! I asked Hannah to be my first Sangha Spotlight as she has been on my own personal yoga journey from our very first class together.

What Yoga Means to Me

Hannah Wallis

If someone had said to me 5 years ago that I would be regularly practising yoga on and off the mat in 5 years time, I probably would have laughed.
This is the naivety of someone who has never experienced a yoga class, never heard of savasana and thinks that yoga is “just a bit of stretching”

I started practising yoga at my local gym 3 years ago when my good friend Sian suggested it to me, we had tried various other fitness classes and fancied trying something different.
From the first class I was hooked. The changes that it made to my life were remarkable. I was becoming not only more toned, healthy and fit physically but I found I was able to concentrate better, deal with things in a calmer way and generally felt happier.
I have had issues with anger and emotion in the past and for me, this was life altering.

From practising at the gym, we moved on to attending a local vinyasa flow class, and I have since discovered a whole new world of different types of yoga.

I have the honour of now being taught yoga by Sian. I was there when she first made the decision that she wanted to be a yoga teacher, I watched her make a brave leap to travel to America to study on her own and now I watch her living her dream. She is an inspiration to me.

The best thing about Sian’s class is not only the physical practise but the life teachings she provides. She brings to light the daily struggles that come with life and teaches how to overcome these.


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