Guest Teacher Post: Meagan Fullen CYT-200

The first Guest Teacher Post is written by my friend, fellow yogi and all round superstar, Meagan Fullen!

I met Meagan on my Teacher Training and I feel so blessed to have met such a wonderful person (and someone so passionate about making sure I got my very first s’more absolutely perfect) and I was so happy when she agreed to write something for my blog.

If you want to learn more about her you can follow her on the links below:

Facebook: Meagen Fullen Yoga

Instagram: @Yogi.Meagy

Loving Myself

By Meagan Fullen

I am not sure when I started to realize this but I remember being disappointed in myself that I did not see myself in the same light as my loved ones. I knew that they thought I was happy, loving, energetic, positive and beautiful and so did I…on certain days. I also had negative thoughts telling myself I was lazy, sad, ugly and fat. I realized I should put myself in the light my loved ones see me because I deserve that. So I started to tell myself specific things throughout the day like, “I’m happy”, “I am fit”, “I am healthy” and the biggest one. “I am beautiful”. I truly knew that I was happy, fit, and healthy but the hardest one was knowing that I was beautiful. I heard it from my family, my boyfriend, and friends but I realized I never said it to myself. I started to tell myself more and more that I am perfect the way I am. God made me perfect and I am not like anyone else.

I started to LOVE that about myself, I was unique, no one else was Meagan Elizabeth Fullen. NO ONE. I started to ask myself, “what made me different?”  was it my love for soccer? Was it my interest in creating projects in clay? Was it my smile? Long story short…it was everything. Everything that made me, me, was what made me different.

Still knowing that I was beautiful no matter, what was still hard for me to comprehend. I was famous for comparing myself to others. I compared every single one of my features to everyone. I wanted to look like other people all of the time. WHY? I have no idea. I just knew that it was not healthy what so ever. My boyfriend, TJ, would tell me I was beautiful even when I was not showered and in my sweatpants. I always tried to ask him if he were serious or try to avoid the compliment. He was not telling it to me to get brownie points or anything, he was truly seeing my beauty. But who likes to give compliments when the other person never accepts them? Let me tell you…not TJ. That really taught me that people might not see my beauty if I do not see it for myself. I wanted to be able to see myself the way TJ saw me. Whenever I feel down about my body I would say, “I am beautiful, I am unique, I am healthy” Saying these few words over and over in my head and out loud, allowed me to have positive words where I used to have negative ones. I use mantras, which is a word, sound or invocation used to aid concentration for meditation. No, I am not sitting on a pillow with my legs crossed, eyes shut, with OMing surrounding me while I say my mantras. I am living my normal life saying these positive affirmations helping my mind stay positive. I noticed when I say these positive words about myself I feel happier and I start to know that it is true.

Yoga is now my lifestyle not just my hobby.


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