Sangha Spotlight: Paul Toop

February’s Sangha Spotlight is from the man who inspired my love of tattoos, rock music and questionable attitude. He taught me how to stand up for myself and to not give a shit what people think… My very own papa, Paul Toop!

What Yoga Means To Me 

Paul Toop

Who would have thought that at 50 I would be doing Yoga!

My yoga journey started when I stood in Manchester Airport and waved Sian off to America.  I was so proud to see how dedicated she was at wanting to achieve her goal at becoming a yoga teacher.  I decided then I would support her in any way I could, so I joined her class!  I never believed I would still be going and actually admitting that I enjoyed it.

I never really understood the full extent of a yoga class, I just thought it was a bit of stretching and doing strange poses, I now know it is far more.

Sian not only teaches us the physical yoga she helps us to set intentions to how yoga can help us on and off the mat.  This has helped me to understand that I only need to push my body to what it can achieve not to force it to any pain.  I have found that practising yoga has helped with my arthritis and I can also use the breathing techniques to ease any stress during or after a hard day at work.  I often find myself sat in a quiet area in the office using the breathing methods that Sian has taught us  to help calm and relax me.  I have even started to share my experiences with my office colleagues as they are keen to hear about the latest class.

I know that you will think that I am bias but I cannot believe how much a yoga class has helped me physically and how it has made me look at things in a much more calmer, positive and understanding way.  I am so proud to be part of Sian’s dream.


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