Sangha Spotlight: Hannah Taylor

March’s Sangha Spotlight is one of my best friends – Hannah Taylor! We have been friends since we were 11, share a love of 80’s music, Channing Tatum and nobody makes me laugh as much as she does!

Check out what she has to say below!

What Yoga Means to Me

Hannah Taylor

I have been a close friend of Sian’s over the last 12 years, throughout the years I have loved following her journey on her path to finding something that she enjoys in life, and yoga is it for her.

Whilst being a supportive friend my feeling towards leading a healthy lifestyle for my body and mind have not been in my list of priorities, even though Sian would often tell me about her daily routines of yoga and how it has enriched her life. When she went to America last year to become a qualified yoga teacher I was extremely proud of her being so passionate about her dreams and goals. When she returned from America and I went to see her I could not believe how amazing she looked and felt, so admittedly I started to become curious if yoga could help me feel like Sian and give me a different out look on my life.

I signed up for my first yoga class to see what it was all about. I am not going to lie and say I became addicted to yoga within the first session, however I will say that the yogic practises that Sian teaches on the mat have helped me in my life of the mat more than I realised. And I found myself signing up for more and more classes as I was starting to enjoy this journey of discovering a deeper level to my mind and body that I had not really accessed before. I also did not realise my body was so bendy! I would find myself coming home to show off my new moves and the importance of this practice in relation to the teaching that night. Without realising it I was slowly being addicted to the feeling I was getting after being at a yoga class, refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated and more at peace with my thoughts.

My friend Sian is a fantastic teacher, she creates a comfortable and safe space to relax in.

She has managed to convince me that the benefits of yoga can help someone in more ways than they realise.

I love her classes!


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