What is Kripalu Yoga?


I have been asked this question a few times lately and thought I would write a short blog post on what is Kripalu Yoga, especially as it is a lineage I am so proud and blessed to be a part of.

Kripalu yoga was founded by Amrit Desai, who was a follower of Swami Kripalu. He brought the teachings to the United States in the 1960’s and established the first Kripalu ashram in Pennsylvania. Swami Kripalu spent four years in the State, where he delivered a series of lectures to the members of the ashram. Eventually, the ashram moved to the Berkshires in Massachusetts and became the retreat and yoga school we know today.

Kripalu yoga is a style of yoga that has been adapted from ancient Hatha yoga practices. It consists of a sequence of physical yoga postures that are practised in no particular order, accompanied by breathing exercises and relaxation. This form of yoga can be practiced by people of all age groups and all fitness levels and can be practised with slow transitions between postures or as a more challenging vinyasa. Students are encouraged to honour β€œthe wisdom of the body” and to work according to the limits of their individual flexibility and strength.

Kripalu Yoga is also a tool for self-empowerment, personal growth and living a more fulfilled life through the practise of yoga. What defines this style is its emphasis on following the flow of prana (life-force energy), practicing compassionate self-acceptance, developing witness consciousness (observing the activity of the mind without judgment) and taking what is learned in every class into daily life.

If you would like to practise Kripalu yoga yourself, come along to one of my classes to find out more!