Why I am Bored of Hating my Body.



What do you see in the above picture? A 28-year-old woman sat outside on an unseasonably warm April day, enjoying grapefruit beer and delicious tacos, pretending to look like she doesn’t know her photo is being taken?

Because I can tell you, all I saw for a good half an hour staring at that tiny roll of skin between my jeans and top.

And I am SO BORED of this.

I spent a lot of time deciding on how I wanted this blog post to go as I know this can be quite a sensitive subject. Please be aware that is purely my opinion and how I feel. 

I turn 29 this year, one year away from the “dreaded” 30 where I am supposed to panic that I haven’t bought a house/had children/got a pension/done other grown-uppy things, when actually I am the happiest I have ever been.

I run a business I love, I am at university which I love, I have a boyfriend that I love… why can’t I love my body as well?

Would I like a flatter belly? Yes. Would I like less cellulite? Yes. Would I like to change multiple things about my body. Yes. But would I also like to eat a burger and loaded fries sometimes without going home and fixating on a tiny roll of skin on my body? Yes. 

I won’t waste my time here reminding you that so many images these days are airbrushed and photo shopped (but they are) and EVERYONE looks like a troll in bad lighting (and if you accidentally switch to front facing camera from an upward angle) and this isn’t a declaration that I am going to quit the gym and find sustenance in cookies alone, but it is a declaration that I am bored  of spending time in front of the mirror, picking apart my flaws when there are so many more exciting things I could be doing with my life.

This was quite difficult to write as I wanted it to stay short and snappy and I feel like it is a topic I could discuss forever, so I may add a follow up to this at another point but I hope you found it helpful!