Why I am Bored of Hating my Body.



What do you see in the above picture? A 28-year-old woman sat outside on an unseasonably warm April day, enjoying grapefruit beer and delicious tacos, pretending to look like she doesn’t know her photo is being taken?

Because I can tell you, all I saw for a good half an hour staring at that tiny roll of skin between my jeans and top.

And I am SO BORED of this.

I spent a lot of time deciding on how I wanted this blog post to go as I know this can be quite a sensitive subject. Please be aware that is purely my opinion and how I feel. 

I turn 29 this year, one year away from the “dreaded” 30 where I am supposed to panic that I haven’t bought a house/had children/got a pension/done other grown-uppy things, when actually I am the happiest I have ever been.

I run a business I love, I am at university which I love, I have a boyfriend that I love… why can’t I love my body as well?

Would I like a flatter belly? Yes. Would I like less cellulite? Yes. Would I like to change multiple things about my body. Yes. But would I also like to eat a burger and loaded fries sometimes without going home and fixating on a tiny roll of skin on my body? Yes. 

I won’t waste my time here reminding you that so many images these days are airbrushed and photo shopped (but they are) and EVERYONE looks like a troll in bad lighting (and if you accidentally switch to front facing camera from an upward angle) and this isn’t a declaration that I am going to quit the gym and find sustenance in cookies alone, but it is a declaration that I am bored  of spending time in front of the mirror, picking apart my flaws when there are so many more exciting things I could be doing with my life.

This was quite difficult to write as I wanted it to stay short and snappy and I feel like it is a topic I could discuss forever, so I may add a follow up to this at another point but I hope you found it helpful! 

One thought on “Why I am Bored of Hating my Body.

  1. People like you are the inspiration for those youngster so growing up. I am 45 and am single, have severe health difficulties, put on weight and have to look like a boy because I can’t manage my hair/makeup. I hate my body and my face and as you get older it feels so much harder. I am glad I am not this generation with all the airbrushing and that app that you use to totally change the way you look. People doing this are causing mental health problems in children as they don’t feel good enough. Keep going and keep talking as you can be that positive role model for younger people which we need


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