Sense* Smoothie for Busy Lives

Life is so busy at the moment. I feel like I am constantly juggling yoga and university work, leaving the house at 9am and sometimes not returning home until 9pm, which often means taking care of myself falls at the bottom of the list. This is why I was super excited to try Sense*. Sense* are a supplement brand, offering capsules and powders to help you live your best . They offer supplements for recovery after a big night out, for gut health and for joint and bone health, but the powder I was most excited to try was Sense* for busy lives. 


The supplement is 100% vegan (which I am not, but limiting consumption of animal products has been at the forefront of my mind lately so that’s a great start) and includes a multivitamin, Siberian ginseng, organic maca and guarana. It is designed to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, plus it helps to contribute to normal cognitive function and supports mental performance, lots of positives already! 


Sense* also handily sent me a smoothie recipe, which includes amazing ingredients such as beetroot, blueberries, black pepper and banana! I loved this as I am so fussy with recipes and end up sitting for ages scrolling through hundreds to find the “perfect” one, it also came on this handy pocket sized card so I could take it to the greengrocers, pick up what I needed and then add it to the fridge for future reference!


You are advised to add 1 to 2 servings per smoothie (the little packet provides 1 weeks supply) and I can say it was absolutely delicious! I was such an awkward child with vegetables and I am still apprehensive of beetroot, but this was so refreshing. plus it comes out with such a gorgeous Instagrammable colour (which always helps, right?) and some of the smoothie ingredients are paired with those in the supplement so you get the maximum benefits. 


I really enjoyed adding these delicious smoothies into my day and I am excited to see how the supplement helps reduce tiredness from my long days. It felt good to be fueling my body nutritiously from the inside out! You can purchase Sense* supplements from their website or they are available on the High Street in Boots stores. 

(The Sense* supplement was gifted to be by the brand and I was not paid for this blog post. All the opinions are my own.)