Good Morning Vibes.

I am not a morning person. But I have found ways to make mornings more bearable.

There has been a lot of chat about routines during the pandemic. They help us feel more organised and bring some semblance of structure into our strange days. I won’t be handing you a morning routine to follow in this post. Routines are not one size fits all and firstly, I want to say, you are not a huge let down for not starting the day with lemon water and meditation. The way to start your day off in the best way you can, is to find a routine that suits you.

Currently, my morning routine goes like this:

7:00am: The silent alarm on my FitBit goes off and I give myself half an hour to come round until…

7:30am: The loud alarm on my phone goes off. Now it’s time to get up. I found at the start of lockdown I was sleeping until way past 9am which made me feel drowsy and gross, plus I started to feel anxious I was losing the day so I set myself an alarm for every day. I then get dressed and go out for a run.

8:30am: A leisurely breakfast. This has actually been one of my favourite things about the quarantine, being able to take time over breakfast. I’m obsessed with chia seed pancakes and I just know ‘normally’ I would only be able to have these on days off. It’s also nice to take time to drink my coffee and make a plan for the day. 

9:30am: I shower, change and start whatever I have planned for the day.


It’s pretty simple and straightforward really. Nothing fancy. But I feel it really gets me in the right mindset for how I want to spend my day. Which is what I want to encourage you to do.

n the flipside, I will share with you a morning routine that used to make me feel like utter shit. 

I used to work quite near my gym and wanted to start fitting in morning gym sessions. Urgh. 

It went something a bit like this:

6:00am: Wake up, drink hot water with lemon, prep breakfast to eat post workout.

6:30am: Gym workout.

7:30am: Attempt to get ready in a crowded changing room. Hate every minute.

8:00am: Sit in my car and eat cold scrambled eggs and tinned salmon (I was also on a zero carb diet, bleurgh) also hating every minute.

8:30am: Start work feeling irritated, hungry, tired, the list goes on.

I think I lasted about two weeks at the most. But, I do know lots of people who really love early morning gym sessions. 

So, what I took away from that morning routine is:

  1. I hate hot water and lemon. I want coffee. 
  2. I hate early morning gym sessions. I actually prefer working out at the gym in the afternoon if my schedule allows it. 
  3. Cold eggs and tinned salmon are gross. Make yourself a breakfast you actually look forward to when going to bed that night. 
  4. I really like to take my time in the morning. I don’t mind getting up earlier if it means I feel calm and can prepare myself for the day. I actually really enjoy taking time to choose outfits and do my hair and make up as I feel once this is done I am ‘ready’ for the world. 
  5. Again, coffee. 

Here are some ideas to help you build your morning routine:

  • A healthy breakfast. 
  • A hot drink. 
  • Dry body brush.
  • Time to shower and get ready for work. 
  • Meditation.
  • Set your intention.
  • A workout. 
  • Journaling.
  • Walking a dog. 
  • Planning your day ahead.

Everyone’s life is different, I know if I suggested to my friend with two young children that she might like to take some time to journal in the morning, she’d probably swear at me. So to finish, my tips for building a strong morning routine:

  • Be honest about the time you have. It’s nice to get up 15 minutes earlier to slow the pace of your morning down, but don’t cram so many tasks into your routine it becomes stressful. 
  • Build in things that make you happy. A hot drink and the opportunity to just sit for at least 10 minutes is kind of the minimum I aim for in the morning, besides the usual tasks of showering etc. 
  • It’s OK if something doesn’t work. Keep what you like and add to it. 
  • Prep what you can the night before. If you are notoriously bad at hitting snooze, plan outfits, breakfast and get your bag ready for the day ahead before you go to bed!