Leaf Your Plastic at Home

I was kindly gifted these amazing leaf wraps by BeeBee Wraps and I was so excited to try them out!

I am usually rushing about between various places, university, teaching, work and 99.9% of the time have some sort of snack with me. I have been trying to reduce my use of plastic products, especially things such as sandwich bags and cling film and have been on the hunt for a wrap of sorts for a while. However, I always found that the beeswax wraps I considered in local shops smelt really odd and the thought of that making my food smell and taste strange put me off purchasing. 

BeeBee Wraps have produced this plant-based wax food wrap, the Leaf Wrap and I am pleased to announce they are scent free! I was gifted a three pack, containing a small, medium and large wrap in their Botanic print, so pretty.

You can wrap most things in the leaf wraps, avoiding raw meat and fish and it’s best to let food cool before wrapping. You then simply wash the wraps in cold, soapy water and drip dry when you’re done, easy! The wraps last for about a year and then you dispose of them by composting or using as a firelighter. 

The Leaf Wraps kept my food fresh and no rogue snacks escaped into my bag – there are lots of videos on the BeeBee website on how to cover different containers and even make snack bags! You can check these out here. Hopefully I will be able to use them more once the world returns to normality, but Alex and I have a picnic planned soon which they will be brilliant for.

The Mixed Size Pack that I was gifted costs £16.00 and comes in a range of prints and colours, there is a style to suit every taste. I absolutely love mine and love any way to reduce single use plastics.