Yoga in Schools


In December 2017 I was invited to teach the Year 11 class at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy as part of their Personal Development day. This was a great learning experience for the students and for myself as teaching young people is very different to teaching adults and it made me realise I would like to broaden my teaching experience to include children and teenagers.

As a yoga teacher and wellness practitioner, I feel it’s extremely important to boost wellbeing in young people, promote healthy lifestyles and teach mindfulness within the education environment which can also help students live a more fulfilled life off the mat. I feel I can teach students this through fun and interactive yoga workshops, Below in the PDF documents are packages and workshops I can offer for you to browse along with the costs involved, however time lengths of workshops and costs can be negotiated if you are looking for a more bespoke option.

Furthermore, I also have currently availability during the week to offer hour long after school yoga and mindfulness classes. As these would run on a weekly, term time basis, a more progressive approach would be taken to help the children develop a yoga and mindfulness practice over time, with opportunities to discover different techniques to promote mindfulness and healthy lifestyle choices.

Yoga in Schools – Primary Schools

Yoga in Schools – Secondary Schools